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This is the little Englishsection of the ITS X3 Shipyard. I stoped the work here. But I see sometimes the CP-mods are still downloaded. So I hold this site here.


LOG: 24.01.2012 CP Mod Basis 6



- CP_Basismod 5 and his Patch52 packed to one Basis version 6.
  * A
little hotfix for X3AP was added.
  * The Basis 6 includes a newer reworked readme.

Actual version of the FULL_CP mod for X3TC and X3AP realeased.

Finishing work for X3AP compatibility. Release of a new Basis-Patch and FULL_CP_MOD for X3AP.

Release Version 51 for CP Mod. Includes now all reworked teladi CP from PSCO1 CP mod.
(M5-Harrier, M5P Kestr
el, M4 Busard, M4P Kite, M3 Falcon, M3P Kea)
PATCH 51 can download


X3TC+AP Cockpitscreens

Standard TL

Standard M8

Argon M3 Eclipse

Argon Nova



Argon Buster

Argon Buster (für neue Typen)

Argon M5 Discoverer Standard

Argon Discoverer (neue Typen)

Argon Zentaur

Argon Magnetar

Boron Barrakuda_mit_CP-Spiegelung

Boron M6 Wal

Xenon M5

Xenon M4

Xenon M6

USC Scimitar M3

USC Scimitar M3

USC Machete M3

USC Machete M3

Argon M2

Argon M7 Cerberus

Argon M7 Minotaurus

Argon Mammuth TL

Argon Mammuth TL

Teladi M5 Harrier

X3TC + AP Downloads for the CP-MOD


X3 TC+AP_CP_Basis_6


For more information please read here

Version: ITS_X3TC+AP_CP_Basis_6
The new CP-Mod. Compatibel with all  X3 TC+AP versions and the most other MOD

File:   *.zip
Size: 162 MB             Extern-DOWNLOAD

Version: ITS_X3AP_Full_CP for V1.0 and V1.1.

 Micropatch for the X3TC+AP-CP-MOD
 Only include a TShip and Animation to correct all CP-Scenes and correct visibility

File:   *.zip
Size: 100kb              DOWNLOAD

Version: ITS_X3TC_Full_CP for V2.7 to 3.1 and 3.2

 Micropatch for the X3TC-CP-MOD
 Only include a TShip to correct all CP-Scenes

File:   *.zip
Size: 80kb             DOWNLOAD

Version: PSCO1_no_Info_Radar

Micropatch for the X3TC+AP-CP-MOD
Disable radar and shipinfo in the main-HUD
Installation as Fakepatch for X3TC in the X3TC mainfolder
Installation as Fakepatch for X3AP in the X3TC “addon” folder

File:   *.zip
Size: 3 kb             DOWNLOAD


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